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Alec’s Specialties

Movement and form.
Strength and conditioning.

  Wellington Personal Training (we mean it)

ONI personal trainers emphasise the importance of communication and take the time to actually listen to you. A plan is then carefully constructed with you so that you can be set up for life long benefits. 

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My Story

Fitness and exercise has had a huge impact in my life both physically and mentally. I was first interested in personal training and coaching when I was at university eight years ago. I used exercise as a release and a way to relieve stress. During my time at university I struggled with sleep and I had issues with self-esteem.

Exercise changed everything for me. It gave me confidence. Through goals, it gave me something I could work towards. It gave me the ability to coach my friends and family, and it helped me help myself. Exercise and fitness is now ingrained in my life.

I am a qualified personal trainer and have been given the opportunity at ONI to help others have fun and experience the benefits I have experienced from exercise and fitness. I believe setting specific goals and working consistently to achieve them has been a huge part of my health and well being.

I am excited at the prospect of working with people and helping them achieve their goals no matter how big or small.

I want to help.

“Exercise helped to change everything for me, especially with stress, sleep, and self confidence. I want to help show you what it can do for you.”

- Alec Morrison, Personal Trainer

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“Been training with Alec since February and have seen great results since. Alec has been very professional and a great motivator to always get that extra rep out.”

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“Alec Morrison has helped me get on the right track to achieving my goals! He is a man that has so much patience and motivation for his clients, making my workout worth every drop of sweat!"

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“Just finished having 8 workout sessions over 2 weeks with Alec and found them to be extremely useful in identifying areas of improvement in my motor patterns. Alec is great to work with as he really tries to understand your daily routines which contribute to how you perform in the gym. Highly recommend!”

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