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ONI Athletes Academy - Teams

Train Smarter

Accelerate athletic development and maximise your movement potential.

  • Functional movement screening
  • Dynamic customised program
  • Workshops on recovery, mobility, and nutrition
  • Injury support

12 Weeks

Focused training in a private studio

This program is designed to turn you into a top level athlete, while reducing your chances of injury and pain. Emphasis is put on foundational movement and effective training.

Future proof your body and maximise your athletic potential.


Improve Your Vertical Jump

Are you maximising your explosive potential?
To be an elite athlete, you need to be be able to explode from all angles, at an instant. It all starts with efficient movement. This program is designed to build you from the ground up to boost your performance.


2 x 60 minute training sessions per week

Options for more training sessions available

  • Functional movement screening
  • Dynamic customised program for your teams needs
  • Workshops on recovery, mobility, and nutrition
  • Injury support

From $50 per week

Limited spots available


Reduce injuries and optimise performance

Build a foundational base line of efficient movement patterns, dynamic stability, and strength. Through this program, our coaches will ensure you are able to unlock your full potential, without leaking energy and performance.


Complete Athletic Development



Functional Movement Screening:

You’re unique and so is your body. We assess every individuals movement so that we can program optimally to reduce the chances of injuries.

  • Optimise movement quality

  • Decrease the chance of injuries



Team Training:

Customised program to suit your teams levels of coordination and movement. Work with professionals who understand your anatomy and physiology to develop your athleticism.

  • Mobility and stability

  • Strength

  • Speed and power




It’s not just about physical training. To be the best you can be, you also need to take control of your eating and recovery to be a complete athlete.

  • Nutrition

  • Recovery

  • Mobility



Injury Support

Sometimes sport can get the better of us and injuries can take place. We’re here to help get you back to function quickly and efficiently.

  • Injury rehabilitation

Serious about athletes.

ONI Personal Training  Client

Brett Gibbs
2 x OPEN World Champion POWERLIFTER

I met with Laurent and the team immediately after partially tearing my quad. Setting expectations, explaining potential causes and rehabilitation exercises in a clear and concise manner really set me up for what was a hugely successful rehab. A mere 8 weeks later I was able to squat the World Record of 299kg @ 83kg body weight with confidence.

ONI Personal Training Client

Luke Fiso
4 x Crossfit pacific regionals athlete

Laurent and the team at ONI are awesome, they helped keep our athletes healthy through the CrossFit Open and helped me personally prepare for the 2018 CrossFit Pacific Regionals. Laurent is so passionate about creating good movement and developing world-class athletes. 

Sally Neal ONI Client

Sally Neal
International Women’s Ultimate Player

Liam's knowledge and expertise has been invaluable in getting our team prepared for the World Championships later this year. He is careful to spend time with each athlete when running a group session, and ensures that they are moving as they should while providing useful feedback along the way. The training plans he has developed for our team are well thought out and tailor made for the movements we need most

"I want to thank you guys for all of the help and effort you put into sports rehab and development of athletes as a whole." - Brett Gibbs

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