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Ben Means



Movement Coach | NUTRITION COACH

Change is simple if you have the right knowledge and plan of action. I’m here to help you make that change towards a better lifestyle, all whilst having fun.

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  • Strength & Conditioning

  • Functional Movement & Posture

  • Nutrition Coaching


In a time that feels like a lifetime ago I was eating Pizza every day for lunch and dinner and struggling to find motivation to get off the couch. I was unhappy, I had no energy, and the smallest inconvenience was enough to make me want to crawl into bed for hours. One day I decided to try change that situation. So I started lifting weight and eating less pizza.

Not too long after that decision was made, I had energy throughout the day and I was looking forward to life again. From there I was hooked. If I could make that change from such a bad place, surely I could help others do the same. So that was the next decision, and I haven’t looked back once.

Change is simple if you have the right knowledge and plan of action. I’m here to help you make that change towards a better lifestyle where you’re looking forward to each day.

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Roy van Barneveld, Electrician

Before training with Ben I had never set foot inside a gym, and despite being fit, knew not a lot about strength training. 

I’ve been training with Ben 3 times a week since day 1, where he has helped me set and surpass goals as well as taught me why certain training leads to these results. 

His strong understanding of the importance of technique and mobility development has given me the ideal skill set to perform and improve as best as possible. Couldn’t be more impressed with what I’ve learned and continue to learn from him.


Harrison Vaughan

I have been using Ben as my personal trainer now for 8 months. I have never been hugely active or fit so Ben has done an amazing job getting me to the gym and I can see results! Ben has blown me away with his sound knowledge of the body and nutrition, many other personal trainers simply do not go into this level of detail with their clients.

Ben makes training fun and I am always looking forward to a workout. I would highly recommend Ben as a personal trainer to anyone out there that is ready to change their lives for the better.

Lucy Green

Since Joining ONI and having Ben as my trainer I've noticed an insane difference in not only my fitness level but my overall life level! I had some bad experiences with personal trainers before this, and having a chronic back issue needed someone who would pay close attention to my specific injury and cater to it extensively.

Ben is just the man for the job. Every session he comes to me with new information and new ways to help fix and work around my injury, and I can't thank him enough for that. If you have an injury, or just want a trainer that is professional while still making every session fun, I highly recommend training with Ben! 

He has given me a new lease on life after only four sessions and I'm forever grateful!

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