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Workplace Wellness

If you want to make a real impact to wellness in your workplace, your staff need to be invested. Longevity comes when they can be independent with their own health and fitness.

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A holistic approach to health.

This program is designed to engage your staff to be more proactive with their health by helping your team develop real motivations for powerful goals. We teach your staff how to set up their environments to support those goals from every angle.

It’s all about setting up powerful habits for long term success.

What problem are we solving?

Corporates are reporting high levels of tension, fatigue, sleepiness, IBS, and more. ONI uses a proven and simple approach to help busy corporates reduce stress in their lives.

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 How it works


Mind Map

Construct a framework and plan for realistic action that takes your environment into account.

  • 2 hour group session to set powerful wellness goals and create solutions and an actionable plan.


Wellness Workshops

Gain more energy in the workplace with experienced professionals who work with real people, in real time.

  • Nutrition

  • Posture

  • Stress Management


On-Site Massage

Stiffness, tension, and aches are unfortunately common in the workplace. We offer professional massage to help your team live pain free.

  • Table and chair options available


Follow Up

Change doesn’t happen overnight. We’re here to help facilitate growth into a healthier workplace.

  • Follow up from mind map session

  • Track health & wellness goals

Options for add ons available:

  • Workshops

  • On-site Massage

  • Follow Ups


"Professionals who provide logical and wholesome guidance to living a healthy lifestyle. Highly recommended!"

Kelvin L, Business Owner

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