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Grace Humphreys



Wellington Nutrition Coach


Grace’s Specialties

Healthy Habits.
Disordered Eating.
Losing Fat.
Gaining Muscle.

Wellington Nutrition Coach

Healthy eating and healthy living. ONI nutrition coaches are here to help you develop healthy relationships with food. No matter how busy and chaotic life gets.

Wellington Nutrition Coach Grace Humphreys

My Story

When I first started studying in 2010, like many, I was smashing back the bevvies and fast-food, and moving only when it was absolutely necessary. A few years later while looking at pictures of myself and not recognising the person staring back, I decided then and there that things needed to change. With the support of a personal trainer, I made some awesome progress and the support, accountability and guidance they offered was what inspired me to do a complete 180 and pursue a career in Health.

Over the last five years in the industry, I have seen (and participated in) many diet and exercise trends - most of which have helped me achieve results, but haven’t been sustainable and left me feeling deprived and deflated when I’d fall off the wagon.

Seeing this same pattern in my clients, I figured there must be something more out there to help people make long-term, sustainable change. That’s when I found Precision Nutrition and have since qualified as a Level 2 coach, specialising in change! All this newfound knowledge means I love coaching my clients through real, long-term and sustainable behaviour change when it comes to nutrition, exercise and health.

Nutrition can be simple.

“Changing your body and health is as simple as making small (but strategic) healthy choices, consistently. I know how it feels to be overwhelmed from my own journey. Let’s figure out where to start, together.”

- Grace Humphreys, Nutrition Coach





GEOrgiA, 34

“Grace is super understanding and supportive. The program is helping me to achieve my goals and make long lasting lifestyle changes, not just a quick fix. It’s sustainable, informative, interactive & a bit of fun too!”




“The ‘one day at a time’ mantra has been SO good for me. Previously I would have berated myself for doing something that wasn’t within my ‘plan’. Now I’m able to see it for what it was and know that it won’t derail me from achieving my goal.”



“I learnt to have a healthier attitude in looking after ME. It doesn’t matter that I don’t have a model’s physique, that I have cellulite and quite a few of my bits wobble, a LOT! In fact, I gained more than I lost - I mean a healthier attitude. The scales don’t really matter now. To me that is a success.”

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