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Kirill’s Specialties

Deep Tissue Massage.
Trigger Point Release.
Relaxation Massage.

Wellington Massage Therapist

ONI massage therapists use the best of many massage therapy techniques to help you with your aches and niggles in the most well rounded way. These can include:

  • Deep Tissue Massage

  • Sports Massage

  • Cupping Therapy

  • Trigger Point Therapy

  • Myo-Fascial Release

  • Joint Mobilisations

  • Instrument Assisted (IASTM)

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Wellington Massage Kirill Volkov

My Story

I found a strong interest in bodywork after almost 10 years of being an IT professional. The transition for me was very natural even though it might seem like a big change. It didn't only fit my lifestyle better but also gave me a much greater sense of purpose.

I've always enjoyed being active, and finding different ways to exercise and stay healthy. More importantly, being able to help others gives me tremendous satisfaction.

After studying massage therapy I could really understand the difference it makes not only in physical performance but just in everyday life. It has now become my biggest passion.

Massage that works with you.

“Each person is unique. I want to make sure you get the massage that your body needs and also give you the tools and knowledge for you to feel better and live better. I’m here to work together with you.”

- Kirill Volkov, Massage Therapist

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“Kirill is an excellent massage therapist professional! He has a calm, engaging, and reassuring manner. Regular massage sessions with Kirill have made me feel reinvigorated, relaxed and de-stressed! My favourite therapies are deep tissue, myo-fascial and trigger point release. Without a doubt, I highly recommend Kirill.”

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"I spent months living with an "all-day-every-day" headache.  I tried everything from changing my diet, to antibiotics.  After just one session with Kirill he removed the majority of the tension from my neck and shoulders which gave me the relief I had been looking for.  After two more sessions, I had made a complete recovery - no more headaches.  I couldn't recommend Kirill more highly."

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"Kirill is a great massage therapist who knows how to put your body into deep relaxation while strongly working the parts that need it most. He puts you at ease no matter what your body type and really works hard to understand your body and what it needs." 

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