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Liam’s Specialties

Team Training.
Movement Quality.
Athletic Development.

  Wellington Personal Training (we mean it)

ONI personal trainers emphasise the importance of communication and take the time to actually listen to you. A plan is then carefully constructed with you so that you can be set up for life long benefits. 

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My Story

I was at my heaviest of 108 kilos when I was trying to play sport at an elite level. The extra weight and poor fitness was holding me back, but I wanted to continue my journey to higher performance. Through learning and personal development I have been able to build myself into an international level athlete, now nominated for best male player in NZ.

It has been a challenging journey that has brought many mental and physical obstacles. These blocks were stressful and stopped my progress, until I learnt how to shape my goals and focus attention on reconnecting and reassuring my mind.

Here to help.

“I want to help you feel empowered about your own abilities and confident that you can be the most powerful version of yourself, without compromise.” 

- Liam Haberfield, Personal Trainer

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Brigitte Legg, Flight Attendant

I love how the focus isn’t just on getting sweaty and lifting as heavy as you can. Liam really focuses on building foundations & strengthening basic mechanics of your body. Every session I come away with more knowledge of how my body moves. His knowledge and passion for his role is evident & only growing as he expands. I highly recommend for every age & strength level. A welcoming and hardworking environment!


Taison Pelman, International Men's Ultimate Player

Liam is a great trainer who puts a lot of time and effort into his clients, helping them become the best they can be. His focus on correct form and movement helps prevent injuries and strains, and his positive and fun attitude makes every session an absolute blast.

Sally Neal, International Women's Ultimate Player

Liam's knowledge and expertise has been invaluable in getting our team prepared for the World Championships later this year. He is careful to spend time with each athlete when running a group session, and ensures that they are moving as they should while providing useful feedback along the way. The training plans he has developed for our team are well thought out and tailor made for the movements we need most - also providing adjustments for any injuries that teammates are carrying. Liam is fantastic - can't recommend him enough!

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