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The ONI Method

Transform your movement to become the most powerful, pain-free, and confident version of yourself.

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It’s about the way you move.

Whether you want to decrease tension and aches, reduce chances of injury, or become fitter and stronger; movement and posture is at the heart of it. Our approach gets you moving efficiently from the start so that you can have long term benefits, not just a quick fix.



Our aim is to arm you with the tools you need to, not just just achieve goals, but to maintain them for life.

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 Our approach to movement.


Postural and movement assessment

Step 1: Initial assessment and plan

We assess your posture and quality of movement, build a clear picture of your history and goals, and then carefully construct an action plan with you so that you can achieve your goals in the most effective way possible, whether they are to reduce tension or become stronger.

Our initial assessments can include:

  • Functional movement tests

  • Joint mobility tests

  • Stability and muscle strength tests

Throughout your journey with us, there are likely to be further assessments and re-tests, but the above should give us a good indication of what direction you should head in to begin with.


Step 2: Action

If range of motion or mobility is an issue, then a combination of Massage Therapy and stretching is usually used to help unlock your body. Then we aim to strengthen and stabilise that new range of motion so that you keep it. What use is a stretched and lengthened muscle if you can’t actively use it in function?

Developing your movement in this way makes you more resilient and prepares your body for whatever you or life wants to throw at it (futureproofing you against any more tension, aches, and pains).


Step 3: The world of movement is yours

There are so many wondrous things you can do with your body that it is literally infinite. Master your foundation with us and build the confidence you need to explore the dynamic world of movement. From handstands, olympic weightlifting, to maximising vertical jumps, we’ve got you covered. Our Personal Trainers have a range of specialties that you can explore.

Are you ready?



You deserve the attention to detail.

  • 60 Minute Session: $80

  • 45 Minute Session: $65

  • 30 Minute Session: $50

Free your motion. 

  • Initial (75 Minutes): $100

  • 60 Minute Session: $80

  • 45 Minute Session: $65

Build healthy habits with food.

  • 60 Minute Consultation: $100

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Free Consultation

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