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Personal Training

Take control of your body’s natural posture and movement. Live powerfully with the best personal training, massage therapy, and nutrition in Wellington CBD.


Fitness isn’t just about looks

Our Wellington based personal trainers and massage therapists use proven methods to improve your posture and movement while helping you achieve amazing things. We believe that what you can do with your body is as important as how it looks.


Whether you are looking for exceptional Personal Training, Massage Therapy, or Nutrition Coaching, our team of Wellington based professionals are here to help you take control and become independent for life long benefits.

Transform Movement.
Become Invincible.


“We’re redefining what it means to be fit.”

“It’s not just about how you look anymore or which fat burning zone you can maintain on a treadmill. More and more people are discovering that what they can do with their bodies is just as important as the way it looks. Their function empowers their confidence in amazing ways.”


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What Others Say

ONI Personal Training Client

Luke Fiso
4 x Crossfit pacific regionals athlete

Laurent and the team at ONI are awesome, they helped keep our athletes healthy through the CrossFit Open and helped me personally prepare for the 2018 CrossFit Pacific Regionals. Laurent is so passionate about creating good movement and developing world-class athletes.


ONI Personal Training  Client

Brett Gibbs
2 x OPEN World Champion POWERLIFTER

I met with Laurent and the team immediately after partially tearing my quad. Setting expectations, explaining potential causes and rehabilitation exercises in a clear and concise manner really set me up for what was a hugely successful rehab. A mere 8 weeks later I was able to squat the World Record of 299kg @ 83kg body weight with confidence.

ONI Personal Training Client

ALMA H, 58

ONI has really transformed how I approach fitness. It's not just going for weights, not just going for cardio, but the whole balance of the body, how we move, and how we function. I'm getting a lot out of it and I'm looking forward to more. 

"I want to thank you guys for all of the help and effort you put into sports rehab and development of athletes as a whole." - Brett Gibbs

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