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Our Story



ONI - [ˈOƱNIː]

Oni are often depicted in Japanese folk lore wielding iron clubs called kanabō. This image leads to the expession:

"To be invincible or undefeatable."

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Positive change and helping people has always been the core of ONI's roots. To make a meaningful impact on the lives of many, there needed to be a ripple effect. Inspiration is infectious and with the right tools, anybody can help anyone else. There needed to be a space for enthusiastic individuals to feel empowered about helping others.

After years of experience in the health industry, founder Laurent Pang decided to put it all out there in July, 2017 with the creation of ONI, where he hopes to attract others who want to be a part of a driving force for improving lives.


What if you could be in the best shape of your life, move like a pain free powerhouse, and be stress free about it all? ONI's purpose is to improve lives with a focus on premium level services that work. No gimmicks or quick fixes.


We will always strive:

To innovate; to always challenge and strive for more. There will always be pre-conceived notions and stepping stones disguised as "limits". We must challenge them and be held back by nothing.

To be courageous; being on the frontier means that we will go where no one else has gone before us. We must be brave to face obstacles and have the courage to overcome them.

To inspire; those around us. Clients, colleagues, friends, family, whoever. We cannot bring real improvement to this world without others.

To be humble; we are all on journeys to become the best versions of ourselves, but there will always be some criticism. We must be able to receive it with grace and to be able to use it as an opportunity to grow from.

"To avoid criticism, say nothing, do nothing, be nothing." - Aristotle

"Hic sunt daemones
here be demons"