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Laurent Pang



Founder | Mentor
Personal Trainer | Massage Therapist

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Laurent’s Mentoring Specialties

Movement Quality.
Meaningful Business.

Want to help people more effectively?

Learn how to communicate and influence behaviour change in a way that is compelling to your clients. Whether it is posture, movement, or fatloss related, it is all about helping your clients build a lifestyle that supports their goals, for themselves.

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My Story

I was always in some sort of pain or injury in my young teens, pursuing athletics and martial art goals. I even had a couple of trips to the hospital because of how under-prepared I was for dealing with stress and fatigue. 

After years as a chef and experience in the NZ Army Infantry, I became a personal trainer. This is where I really started to notice some common trends about movement and stress. They both have a very direct correlation to performance and to overall health. This lead me delve into the world of movement and health science. I haven't stopped learning and I don't ever intend to stop.

It is now my mission to help as many people as I can. In my view the best way to do that is to help inspire others to do the same and to do it well.

I want to make an impact.

“I want to give you the tools to be able to help yourself as well as others. This ripple effect of people helping people is my main goal; to make a real contribution to improving people's lives.”

- Laurent Pang

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Ben Means, Personal Trainer

“I’ve been seeing Laurent once a week since I joined the team for mentoring. These sessions have been invaluable. When I first joined I knew a lot (or so I thought), but couldn’t communicate very effectively to all my clients, a key skill any personal trainer should have. 

Now my knowledge is leagues ahead of where it was since I started here and my ability to communicate the same message to many different types of people and have them all understand it has greatly increased. What I really appreciate the most out of these sessions is Laurent’s genuine desire to see me progress and achieve success, as my success means my clients success. There hasn’t been a single session so far where I haven’t been able to take away something useful and apply it to my business/sessions. 

I wold recommend Laurent to anyone who’s serious about making leaps and bounds in their personal training career or life in general.”

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