On top of providing excellent Massage and powerful Personal Training, our specialists are also trained movement coaches. That means that you can start your fitness journey right

Whatever your goals are, you can guarantee that

ONI focuses on long term change by shifting away from traditional health and wellness trends of quick fixes. 

Posture and movement play a vital role in health. If you can't move freely (and without pain) then you'll likely find yourself unmotivated about an active lifestyle. Injuries are also more likely to occur with poor movement and can be a major set back for confidence and fitness goals.

For life long impact, plans have to carry over into habits. Our aim is to arm you with the tools you need to, not only achieve goals, but to maintain them. The right balance of guidance, support, and challenge is necessary to

We emphasise the importance of ownership and accountability for your own body and give you the right balance of support, guidance, and challenge so that you can achieve your goals effectively with life long benefits.

It’s about the way you move.

When you have great posture, you feel empowered and can do amazing things.

Whatever your goals are, movement is at the heart of it. We take the time to listen and carefully construct a plan that sets you up for life long benefits.

Live to your fullest.

We get your posture and movement right from the start so that you can maximise your energy when striving for your goals and live life to your fullest.