VIDEO: Flat Feet? We've got you.

You can fix your flat feet.

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The foot is your connection to the ground and having a proper foot arch provides you with a spring like function that lets the body absorb and transfer force to your next step (which is why being locked in either a flat footed position OR locked in a high arch can be a problem, because both give you no movement and a stretch reflex).

Connection to knee pain.

Movement dysfunctions like the valgus knee are known to be related to knee pain and injury and is usually a result of poor mechanics. These inefficient movement mechanics can stem from weakness or lack of coordination in the hip or the ankle/foot (or a combination of both).

If the foot arch collapses, so does the shin bone, taking the knee with it.

To learn about how the hips can impact valgus knee, click below:

1. Self Mobilise

Grip the foot and use the butt of the hand to mobilise the foot into an arched position. It is likely to be tender as it’s probably not used to being moved like this, but stick to a comfortable range and be prepared to push some boundaries. Recommended to stick within 5 to 7/10 in discomfort.

2. Short Foot

By now you might have realised that your foot is actually capable of being moved into an arched position (if not, keep mobilising). The long term trick is to be able to get the foot to do this on its own. This exercise is for you to learn control. You must own this new position.

3. Single Leg Stability

Now that you can control the foot without bearing any weight.. (you guessed it) you now have to be strong enough to hold weight with it. Otherwise what use is it? You live on two feet after all. Hold onto something to begin with until you can maintain a short foot position and stand nice and tall, unsupported.

There are a million things you can do to address flat feet and there are many progressions to go to from here, but these are 3 we've found to be our bare minimum before we progress clients into more dynamic exercises.

Give these a go and let us know how you get on! Don't forget to share the love to somebody with flat feet!

Author: Laurent Pang