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Sam’s Specialties

Handstands/Pull Ups.
Postural Correction.

 Wellington Personal Training (we mean it)

ONI personal trainers emphasise the importance of communication and take the time to actually listen to you. A plan is then carefully constructed with you so that you can be set up for life long benefits. 

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Sam High, ONI

My Story

As a kidney failure survivor, I know what it's like to flirt with death's door. I remember lying in a hospital bed thinking, "Where to from here?"

Receiving a second chance made something abundantly clear to me. Life is precious and maximising your enjoyment is of utmost importance. My journey from ground-zero to where I am now, I've realised that a solid foundation of mind and body is essential to enjoying life. I've seen this in my own experiences as well as in my coaching.

I want to help.

“My drive is to help you break through limits with the best practices in the health and fitness industry.”

- Sam High, Personal Trainer

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I set a goal for myself that I would be in better shape at 45 than 35.  Sam helped me hit this goal sooner than I expected and then charge past it to be the best version of myself I can be today.


Before I started training with Sam, I never thought I'd ever be one of those people that enjoyed exercise! But through my sessions I've learnt how to make exercise fun & enjoyable for me! And as an added bonus I've achieved amazing results that a year ago I would never have thought possible! 


Sam gave me the tools to live a healthier life & helped me reach my goals. It made me stronger, more confident & gave me skills to push through my limits.

Are you ready?



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