3 Exercises For Jumping

Jumping is a test of maximal force.

Even if your sport doesn’t involve jumping specifically, the vertical leap is still used to measure an athletes explosive potential. Maximise your vertical jump by learning and practicing specific components of the movement.

The triple extension.

Coaches often talk about loading and exploding muscles like the glutes and quads, but a component that is often overlooked is maximising your range of motion in your joints.

Loading and exploding only works best when you take your joints to their maximum end range. ‘Triple extension’ refers to your hips, knees, and ankles, all simultaneously exploding into end range extension to direct your force output into a powerful jump.

Try these 3 exercises to improve your vertical jump.

1. Trap Bar Deadlift

  • Grip the trap bar, keeping your spine neutral as you push your hips back.

  • Load through your glutes, hamstrings, quads, and lift the bar.

  • Push hips up and forward and lock knees back to complete the movement.

*This can be performed with a weight in each hand, in a ‘suitcase deadlift’ style if you don’t have access to a trap bar.*

2. Calf jumps

  • 1. Start by bouncing up and down, thinking about pushing your toes into the ground.

  • Keep your toes pointed down as you leave the ground for follow through.

  • As you land, think about the same thing in reverse; pointing and leading with the toes, cushioning through the mid-foot, and then resting on the heels. Build to speed and height.

3. Strict box jump

Tie both of the drills above together to complete the triple extension!

  • Load up through your legs as if you were doing the trap bar deadlift, swing your arms to the rear as you do this.

  • Explode up, extending through your hips, knees, and ankles at the same time. Your glutes, quads, and calves should all be engaged.

  • Remember the calf jump drill to push your toes through the ground to continue force production and follow through.

  • In the air, make sure you don’t bend your knees or hips just to reach the height of the box. Start as low as you need to, to practice following through in triple extension.

Click here for more hip extension exercises.

Give these a go and let us know how you get on! Don’t forget to share the love to help others with their vertical jump!

Author: Liam Haberfield

ONI Personal Training | Massage Therapy | Nutrition Coaching