OMNI 2.0 - Bottoms

OMNI 2.0 - Bottoms

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Omni 2.0 Training Pants, powered by Evolete.

“A large amount of nylon yarn is used to ensure smooth touch and full colour, while the addition of twill weave increases the space between your skin and the cloth; keeping you drier from sweat for longer.

Omni 2.0's innovative side zip pockets ensure that your phone is never attacked by dumbbells, while the fit reveals natural muscle lines and accentuates your physique.

The fabric itself has tear-resistant, anti-fading characteristics. It’s durable, doesn’t fade, and let’s you take on the world without worry.”

  • Advanced splicing method technology + high 11% elastic fibre = stretching without limit

  • Ultimate tear and fade resistant traits

  • Side multimedia zip pocket for protection of valuables

  • Optimised tailoring and fit, to heighten and strengthen natural muscle lines

  • High-pound nylon for maximum comfort and functionality

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