VIDEO: How To Deadlift

4 cues to pick things up and put them down.

👉 Neutral Spine.
Learn where the spine is by using a stick so that it’s touching the tailbone, mid back and head. Keep contact with those 3 points and you’ll be maintaining neutral spine (the lower back shouldn’t be touching the stick and it’s helpful learning where your head is as well).

👉 Slide.
The further something is away from the body, the more load certain parts of the body has to handle. Be efficient by keeping the weight as close as you can (by sliding). This also times the glutes to engage powerfully!

👉 Shoulders Back.
Or “Break the bar”. This engages the back muscles more and adds tension into your lift. You need this to keep your posture tight throughout the lift.

👉 Glutes.
These big muscles play a massive role in hip extension (what you need to stand up straight. If this doesn’t happen effectively, everything around the glutes have to compensate (think lower back and hamstrings).

Give these cues a go and let us know how you get on! Don't forget to share the love to someone who needs to know how to deadlift!

Personal Trainer: Abby McCarthy
Author: Laurent Pang