VIDEO: 3 Exercises For Back Tightness

BACK TIGHTNESS? We've got you. 

👉Cat Cow (banded).
Tilt the pelvis forward and back to get the spine moving and loosened up. The band is there to give feedback that helps to focus the movement on the lower back, rather than other areas of the spine.

👉Cobra Stretch.
Push the chest up using your arms, keeping the hips connected to the floor. Stay within comfortable ranges. Extending the spine like this can definitely help if the day's been spent slumpt at the desk (in the opposite shape).

A lot of times, people can be be stressed without even knowing it. Looking at the breath is a good indicator of what state of stress/relaxation you're currently in. Controlling the breath is a way to encourage the body to move into a more relaxed state, which can help relax muscles as well as helping digestion.

Give these a go and let us know how you feel! Don't forget to share the love to someone who has back tightness!

Author: Laurent Pang