3 Exercises For Advanced Core Stability

Dynamic Stability.

Functional movement involves many planes of movement and multiple joints moving simultaneously throughout. The core must be able to stabilise the spine during these movements in order to transfer forces effectively and to protect you from injury and pain.

The links below will be a good place to start to understand core function and movement before trying the advanced exercises in this blog.

Spinal Movement and Stability.

There are four main movements that the spine is capable of doing.

  • Flexion

  • Extension

  • Lateral Flexion

  • Rotation

Movement through life and the variety of environments we experience requires our body to be able to perform these movements with stability and coordination.


1. Advanced Bird Dog

For a breakdown for a basic bird dog, click below:

The bird dog variation that we use incorporates an elbow to knee touch followed by along reach with less contact to the ground (knee on the stabilising leg is off the ground). This smaller contact with the ground provides a greater stability demand and the elbow to knee touch incorporates some minor flexion and rotational component while stabilising.

  • Start in a normal bird dog position (hands and knees forming an even rectangle).

  • Lift off the knees so that only your feet and hands are touching the floor.

  • Under control, touch your elbow and knee together.

  • Reach long with the same arm and leg, maintaining neutral spine.

2. Advanced Arm Bar

  • Start in a side plank with neutral hips and shoulders.

  • With the free hand, lift a weight from the ground into the air and stabilise.

3. Anti-Rotation

Being able to resist motion in the spine is a major part of core function.

  • Tie a Mobility Band around something stable that won’t move.

  • Walk out with the band held in front of you. The further you walk out the more tension in the band.

  • Keep your arms straight, hips neutral, and core braced.

Give these a go and let us know how you get on! Don't forget to share the love to somebody working on their core stability!

Author: Laurent Pang

ONI Personal Training | Massage Therapy | Nutrition Coaching