3 Exercises For Pigeon Flow

Stretching or strengthening for “tightness”?

Almost everyone at some point feels like they have “tightness” or pain in their glutes. The typical approach has been to use passive or dynamic stretches for relief, but what we’ve found is that this only provides temporary relief for our clients.

For a more in-depth look at the evidence for stretching and strengthening as viable solutions to pain, click this link:

The important message to take is that movement and a variety of movements is good for resolving sensations of tightness or pain.

Pigeon Flow.


For this Pigeon Flow, we are working lengthened ranges of the glutes on the stabilising side and stretching the hip flexors on the lifted side.

Glute stability (in a lengthened state) is being trained as well so that there is a functional context to the muscle stretching and strengthening. Then it can be more readily accessible in daily life or sport.

1. Low Pigeon

  • On all fours, place one knee behind your wrist on the same side so that the shin is diagonal roughly.

  • Reach your back leg to the rear and rest your body forward.

  • Breathe into this position as you relax into the ground.

2. Mid Pigeon

  • From the low pigeon, bring your torso upright and squeeze your rear glute. (This is now an active position that your body has to use muscles in order to stabilise you).

  • Rotate each side while maintaining an upright torso as your take long controlled breaths.

  • Create tension with your core as you reach your arms out as far as you can.

3. High Pigeon

  • From the mid pigeon, lift your back leg off the ground. (This makes it even harder to balance and stabilise).

  • Rotate and breathe in the same way as the mid pigeon.

Give these a go and let us know how you get on! Don't forget to share the love to somebody working on their hip tightness!

Author: Laurent Pang | ONI Personal Training