VIDEO: Pull Up


Setting up the shoulders properly means more back muscle activation, while eliminating excess stress on other parts of the body.

👉 “Shoulders down and around”
Or “armpits forward”. This opens up the shoulder for overhead movement as it essentially faces the shoulder joint upwards (called upward rotation) and along with keeping them low (depression), it sets up the back muscles in a much better position to do work.

👉 Impingement syndrome
If the shoulder blade didn’t do this movement to give the arm room to move upwards, impingement syndrome is likely to occur as the arm bone would literally be pinching into the squishy bits between your shoulder and arm, aggravating them and causing pain.

Don't worry if this movement is a struggle right now. We’ll be putting out more videos going into it in more depth soon!

Give these cues a go and let us know how you get on! Don't forget to share the love to somebody who needs to know how to pull up!

Personal Trainer: Sam High
Author: Laurent Pang