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Team ONI Tries Breakdancing

Like many other styles of dance, breakdancing involves high levels of body coordination. Agility, strength, and range of motion were also big factors as well as the footwork involved. It’s often quick and sharp, while the freezes and other sequences of moves required strength in end ranges of movement, like full external rotation of the shoulder.

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3 Exercises For Overhead Mobility

If the muscles that are responsible for shoulder movement aren’t functioning properly, something else will in it’s place. These exercises will help mobilise and strengthen your shoulder muscles so that you can move into overhead positions, both safely and with efficiency.

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Winged Scapula and Shoulder Pain [Case Study]

Our case study presented with a winged scapula on his right side along with pain on the same side. The pain has been described as "achy" along the front of the shoulder deltoid area, "generally uncomfortable", and "crunchy".

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