ONI Nutrition & Stress Workshops

Nutrition and Stress

Last week we did these workshops with an emphasis on setting powerful goals and creating actionable plans that are realistic.⁠⁠

Too often, we hear people saying that they want (X) and they want (Y), but they don't get to the stage where they actually figure out how to make it happen in any specific detail in order to achieve those wants.⁠⁠

For example, eating healthily might actually involve learning how to cook, learning about what makes food healthy in the first place, how to budget to do the grocery shop healthily, and it might even involve talking (gasp) to your significant other, family, peers, friends etc about what you want.⁠⁠

(You might also need to think hard about what you actually want and why that's important to you).⁠⁠

We ran these workshops like a think tank with a splash of mind mapping which worked really well because it gave the attendees a chance to explore internal motivations and map out their environment for themselves. It's a good base to start working on your habits as nutrition doesn't exist on its own.⁠⁠

What do you actually need for wellness?⁠

  1. Sleep

  2. ⁠Exercise⁠

  3. Healthy food habits⁠

  4. Relationships⁠

  5. Meaningful activity⁠

  6. Play⁠⁠

An imbalance of any of these can impact the others. So as we talk about food, we're really talking about wellness as a whole.⁠

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Author: Laurent Pang

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